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AS Garments, leading Manufacturer of Uniforms in Delhi NCR



We strive to provide best quality garments and uniforms to our customers. We procure the finest material from our vendors and never compromise on the quality. A S garments is consistently working on upgrading the manufacturing and designing quality process, while developing a new product or revamping an existing one.



A S Garments knows that comfort, safety and sustainability are of utmost importance while designing industrial wear. We take special care that uniforms meet the crucial needs of the workforce so that they are able to perform their task efficiently without worrying about their safety



We  have 15 years of expertise in our industry and  are one of the highly acclaimed manufacturers and suppliers of uniforms and garments in terms of affordability. This experience has enforced the fact that impeccable styling, precise cut, neat stitching and perfect fit at fair price proves beneficial for us and our customers.


About Us

A.S. Garments is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of an exquisite range of corporate garments and uniforms, ardently committed to darning the best virtue clothes. We bring forth an extensive range of Shirts, T-Shirts, Pants, Trousers, Business Suits, Jackets, Caps, customized logos, ESD Aprons, Educational Uniforms, and many more products that are tailored to supremacy, keeping in mind the complexity of diverse body types and nature of the job they are outlined to fit.

The years of industrial experience and the devoir to stature drove our endeavor to offer an affordable piece of clothing that enhances the caliber and the ethics of our client’s brand.

We work behind the curtain, so that spotlight always accentuates you. We have served many sectors in the industry ever since we came into the business like Corporate sector, Security Guard Uniforms,  Military, Navy, Air Force of INDIA, Industrial , Electronics, IT etc and to other sectors to help increase the number of brands we give life to with our affordable uniforms. We define the path, from a Business to the Brand by accumulating all the essential assets and utilizing them to their best potential for your betterment.

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The primary requirement for designing is the understanding of the workplace, be it a plush office or a manufacturing unit, which decides our approach, refined to suit every customer. People should genuinely love their work wear and feel that they look great too. All our garments are designed keeping these aspects in mind and we are dedicated towards working as hard as you.


Comfort is of utmost importance as a person has to work for whole day in uniform otherwise it can hamper his productivity in his workplace. High standard and finest quality fabric is pre – requisite for  the comfort of a garment that’s why we procure all our fabric from eminent vendors .


An impeccable fit is must for any clothes we wear, as it gives that confidence and assurance needed by a person to perform his duties efficiently.  An ideal fit can be achieved by precise cut for which we have competent craftsman who put their soul into whatever they stitch.


For any corporates or businesses, branding is nowadays an essential component of marketing which can be effectively showcased through uniforms and logos. We understand the significance of branding by delivering exceptional customized embroidered logos.

We provide high quality, comfortable and exemplary fit Uniforms and Garments
Since our Foundation in 2005 our goal has been to use excellent quality material for a unique experience

We offer substantial flexibility by giving you the opportunity to customize uniforms and garments according to your needs and requirements. We understand the needs of our customers and use their provided information like color, cut and design, transforming it into an epitome of comfort and elegance

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We are very satisfied with A S Garments as they provided us with the best quality uniforms with brand logo embroidered on them. The fabric of the uniform is of superior standard and the fit is also very comfortable and stylish.

SHOKO MUGIKURAThe Security Guard Company

Trust us we looked for a very long time and wasted thousands of dollars testing other teams, freelancers, and outsource companies.


This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating website.


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